martes, 25 de noviembre de 2008

i wIsH I`vE sAiD hOw MuCh I lOvE u
bUt nEvEr iS hArD eNouGh
u JuSt HavE GonE
U dEcIdEd ThEre ´S "nO MoRe"
i`D rAtHeR sAiD "dOn´T GiVe uP"
nOw eVeRyThInG iS bLoWeD
u R fAr AwAy, LoSt iN SoMewHeRe
I`Ll lIkE tO fLy At ThE DaRkNeSs nIgHT
tO sEe U JuSt oNe MoRe tImE
bUt I`lL bE StROnG, CaUsE U sHoWeD mE hOw
i`Ll mUsT SuRvIvE
WhEn iS nO mOrE chAnCe
i FeEL EvErYtHinG iS FalLinG dOwn
BuT eVen U hAvE sUiCiDe
iLl BeLiEvE u mAdE tHe BeSt u CoUlD
aNd AlwAyS tHaT`S hOw i`Ll ReMeMbER U
cAuSe u R mY sHoOtInG sTar
mY bLaCk FeAtHeRs oF mY wInGs
wIcH oNeS lEaDs mE iNtO uR eTeRnAl dArKnEsS sIdE

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